How does the Bags 4 My Cause program work?

Bags 4 MY Cause works with grocery retailers to generate significant donations to local nonprofit organizations through the purchase of a reusable bag or bags. Each month, store leadership at each grocery retail location selects a local community organization they would like to benefit through the sale of a specially designed reusable bag.

How does a Supermarket Chain begin to explore the Bags 4 My Cause program (B4MC)?

It all starts with a phone call. During this call, we will provide a high-level overview of the program and hear your objectives.  We would then propose a meeting where we could share a detailed presentation of the program and results at other supermarket partners.  At this presentation, we would encourage that you invite your colleagues from Community Relations and Marketing so the benefits to their areas can be detailed in the presentation.  In an hour, we can cover the 4-year development and history of the program and see how it would fit for your organization. Start the conversation by calling Co-Founder & COO Jim Brennan at 603-380-9400.

What are the benefits of the Bags 4 My Cause program?

  • A reduction in front end and operational costs of paper/plastic bags with each purchase of the Bags 4 My Cause bag
  • Revenue profitability as the bag contributes to gross margin revenue
  • New shopper acquisition and existing shopper retention through the marketing executed by the selected nonprofits
  • Increased local community nonprofit donations at no additional cost
  • An expansion of the Supermarket Chain’s free media impact, as marketing of the program falls entirely to the team at Bags 4 My Cause and the selected nonprofit
  • Visibly driving environmental sustainability by significantly reducing paper/plastic bag use

Do you offer the program to any grocery chain regardless of location?

The short answer is YES! We can launch the Bags 4 My Cause program anywhere in the US! Our only limitation is that we do make available regional exclusivity of the program for supermarket chains that meet agreed annual purchase volume targets.  All the more reason to begin the discussion with Bags 4 My Cause given the competitive advantage that you could achieve with regional exclusivity.

What are the staffing requirements from the Supermarket Chain to implement the program?

One of the key features of Bags 4 My Cause program is that it has been proven to be seamless, efficient and effective extension for our supermarket partners.  The daily, weekly and monthly tasks to develop, support and expand the Bags 4 My Cause program will be addressed by the assigned Bags 4 My Cause Program Director/Team.

Over the four to six-month period that it takes to design and receive the reusable bag for the program, we are working with a project team that would include members of Category, Marketing and Community Relations participating.  Using our proprietary software platforms enable to roll-out of the program at the store level to be extremely simple and easy.  Having an executive sponsor has also proved to be effective in program adoption and active participation by all stores.  We look to build a partnership that is efficient and effective for the supermarket chain overall.

Do you design the bag?

While we are not a reusable bag provider, we will work with any reusable bag provider to be sure you are supplied with reusable bags that reflects your supermarket chain messaging and community commitment.

What do you charge for the program?  What is included?

The Bags 4 My Cause program can be in the form of one or multiple bags supporting non-profits. Bags 4 My Cause executes a Services Agreement with the supermarket partner that details all of the services provided.  We can work with any reusable bag provider that you have selected as we are not a reusable bag vendor.

Bags 4 My Cause team provides all services, program development, store portal software and website design and maintenance including daily updates, full execution of all marketing planning and outreach to benefiting nonprofits and general ongoing management of the program.  Our Program Administration Fee is $.50 per bag purchased.  The first order of bags, we charge that fee in four installments as we are developing all aspects of the program prior to the launch of the program.  Subsequent purchases of program bags will be billed and due when the bags are delivered to the supermarket partner.

What happens after the Program launches? 

Included in the program is full and ongoing support throughout the contracted time. This includes the daily updating and maintenance of the website, monthly marketing to all chosen causes for both bags, support to store level managers, and monthly reporting, donation check processing and donation reconciliation reports delivered to you. We will engage in a monthly cycle with all chosen nonprofits for each of your stores and continue to work with your store level team to be sure they receive what they need.

Have a question that isn’t answered here or want to learn more?

Contact Co-Founder & COO Jim Brennan at 603-380-9400 or by email.