Why It Works

Grassroots. Personal connections. Community driven.

Store managers are provided with an easy avenue to connect with their customers and the community through the Bags 4 My Cause Program on a grassroots level. Store managers are choosing which local non-profits will benefit for each month, so they have a fingerprint on the success of the program.

Once local non-profits are chosen, they are contacted by the Bags 4 My Cause marketing team and provided with full support in their outreach efforts, including a specially created Marketing Toolkit. The messaging and tools are designed to motivate and drive new and existing customers to the stores to purchase the bag in support of the non-profit.

An increase in bag sales means an increase in donations, as well as a positive impact on the environmental sustainability movement through the reduction of paper/plastic single-use bags.

The Bags 4 My Cause Program links your customers, employees and management directly to the local community with bag sales being driven by the benefiting non-profits with minimal effort of the retailers. Your shoppers will see your Corporate Social Responsibility on full display – with a priority on supporting the environment and local non-profits.