Execution Model


Impacting the local community, environment and causes shoppers are passionate about with the simple purchase of a reusable bag is what the Bags 4 My Cause program is all about. This program has been proven in all regards over the last four years and is operationally seamless and turnkey to our supermarket partners. The following is an overview of the deployment model that we utilize to bring the Bags 4 My Cause program “live” for any supermarket partner.


Bags 4 My Cause Program Director/Team

A Bags 4 My Cause team dedicated to supporting all aspects of the supermarket’s Bags 4 My Cause program is named to include a Director, Researcher, and Marketing team members. A virtual presence via the phone and internet is created to present a direct extension of the supermarket’s offices for program management internally and externally.

External Program Website, Internal Store Manager Portal and Loyalty Program Portal

All of the Bags 4 My Cause technology platforms developed over the last four years are developed to accommodate a supermarket’s brand standards, including look, feel and voice. These platforms, created and deployed by Bags 4 My Cause IT Department, allow shoppers, store managers, and supermarket executives to implement all aspects of the Bags 4 My Cause program.

Store Manager Portal Populated with Local Causes

The supermarket sets the criteria for non-profits participation in the Bags 4 My Cause program. With that in place, the Bags 4 My Cause program team goes to work populating the portal with local non-profits that are geographically aligned with each supermarket store location. This will enable the Store Manager and his or her team to select monthly benefiting cause(s), or to submit additional causes that they can select in future months.

Reporting Package Defined and Loyalty Program Integration (optional)

Shoppers participating in the supermarket’s loyalty or coupon platform will have the opportunity to direct their $1 purchase donation to the shopper’s preferred cause. If not directed, then by default it will be donated to the cause chosen by the store for that month. Any loyalty/coupon member that purchases a Bags 4 My Cause bag will be included in a daily report to Bags 4 My Cause from the supermarket. Bags 4 My Cause will email that shopper with approved messaging thanking them for their Bags 4 My Cause bag purchase and asking if they would like to direct it to one of the approved program causes or to propose a new cause. This is where the shopper is empowered to support his or her preferred cause. Daily sales reports of bag sales by store enable program website updates and program management to find stores where program best practices can be shared to optimize sales.

Integrated Marketing Plan Developed, Reviewed and Approved

Fundamental to the Bags 4 My Cause program is the outreach and partnership that is created with local non-profits to drive their supporters and the community-at-large to purchase the supermarket’s Bags 4 My Cause reusable bag to support local non-profits. This email-based communication plan begins when a cause is submitted or selected by a supermarket store. This communication plan fully implemented, combined with the Cause Marketing Toolkit developed to support the non-profit’s outreach, is the successful “secret sauce” of Bags 4 My Cause.

First Bags 4 My Cause Bag Sold & Bags 4 My Cause Team Provides Continued Support to the Deploying Supermarket

The Bags 4 My Cause team implements and reports on all aspects of the supermarket Bags 4 My Cause program. All interface with local non-profits, the community-at-large and store managers are handled with agreed-upon protocols and messaging.  Reporting, donation distribution/reconciliation, and non-profit relationship management are all completed in a totally seamless manner. With an efficient and professional approach, the Bags 4 My Cause team is a seamless extension of the supermarket.


Final Thoughts

With a current reusable bag—repurposed and priced to include the donation and program costs—all of the above can be completed in less than 90 days for a program launch.  Designing and deploying a special Bags 4 My Cause reusable bag(s) is another option that takes 16 weeks for delivery in most cases.  Strengthening the supermarket’s relationship with the local communities it serves is an immediate benefit that grows each and every month.  This is a program that will make a major impact at any supermarket by increasing local community donations, visibly driving sustainability and reducing operational costs.