Program Specifics

How much time and how many resources can you expect to invest in implementing the Bags 4 My Cause Program? Next to zero.

Through our proprietary IT System and premier marketing services, we have created a program that allows each partnering retailer the ability to offer to their customers a reusable bag program that supports the non-profits in the communities they call home, with minimal organizational effort.

How do we do this? By delivering our proven design, complete program platform and seamless back office operations for all areas required to successfully execute. Each retailer is assigned a dedicated team to fulfill all aspects of the program and to provide full support.

Seamless and Simple by Design – How it Works
  • For each retailer, a database of local non-profit causes is created and built through the Store Manager Cause Management Portal provided by Bags 4 My Cause. This empowers store leadership with the ability to submit and select local non-profits to benefit from the cause bag sales during each month.
  • Once the quarterly selections are made by store managers, Bags 4 My Cause initiates a fully integrated cause marketing campaign to each benefiting non-profit cause powering the program through their interest and initiative. Use of the Bags 4 My Cause marketing toolkit and other supporting marketing materials encourages and allows the non-profit causes to share the opportunity with their friends, supporters and the community-at-large, therefore driving existing and new customers to each store location to purchase the cause bags.
  • As part of the program package, each retailer is also delivered a branded website, managed by Bags 4 My Cause, which provides information on program stats, program details, non-profit cause resources and the option for any visitor to submit a cause for consideration in the program.
  • Turnkey monthly processing of all donation checks is also part of the Bags 4 My Cause program. This process begins with a monthly report of donations by store and selected cause. Check printing, mailing and complete reconciliation of donation checks is handled by the Bags 4 My Cause team using our software platform until all checks have cleared.

The Bags 4 My Cause program addresses the challenge for retailers in meeting the demands of bag options to the customer while lowering front-end costs. By offering these reusable bags as a program that benefits the community, we have seen reductions in the use of paper/plastic single-use bags with a direct cost reduction to the front-end budget of each store. In addition, it is proven that the incremental growth in sales due to the introduction of the Bags 4 My Cause program does not cannibalize any other existing reusable bag offerings. Instead, with the rise in customer base driven by the non-profit cause outreach, more bags are being purchased overall.

Community Support, Cost Savings & Environmental Impact = A Winning Combination

The Bags 4 My Cause program gives voice to the customers and non-profit causes in the communities each partnering retailer serves. This stream of positive PR generated by the recipients and the community continues to promote the program without any cost or time to the stores. These program attributes highlight the Corporate Social Responsibility mission of the retailer.