Hy-Vee is committed to making a difference in the communities their shoppers live and work in through the Reusable Bag Program That Supports Local Non-Profits.

The Hy-Vee Reusable Bag Program That Supports Local Non-Profits launched on October 28, 2019. Every month, at each Hy-Vee store, a new non-profit is chosen to be the beneficiary of the Reusable Bag. The Reusable Bag supports Hunger Relief, Education (all aspects), Health & Wellness, Civic, and Military/Veterans Organizations.

Attached to the Reusable Bag is the Giving Tag, which allows the shopper to direct the $1 purchase donation to any cause of their choice. This exciting innovation of the B4MC program allows for a much broader base of non-profits to receive donations through the program and empowers the shopper the power to help the non-profits that are making a difference in their communities. In turn, our outreach will expand from one non-profit per store per month to hundreds or even thousands per month.

See the Program's Impact in Numbers

Hy-Vee Reusable Bag Program That Supports Local Non-Profits

First Bag Sold - October 26, 2019


Non-Profits Supported


Hunger Relief Organizations Supported


Donations to Date


Bags Purchased
Program results as of November 20, 2020