Decisions That Change the World

It all started with a $50 corporate gift that has kept on giving.

A corporate client of Purchasing 4 My Cause sent a $50 “Thank You” gift to a customer who, as it turns out, is an Executive Vice President of a major supermarket chain. All gifts sent through P4MC included a donation component benefiting an area non-profit cause. This gift included a message explaining that through the purchase, the included donation provided 24 meals to those in need. When the recipient read this, he contacted us to learn more.

After meeting with the PS It Matters team, a question sparked a new direction. Was there a way to fight hunger in our communities while also positively impacting our environment by reducing the current usage of one-time use bags? The answer was yes and as a result, Bags 4 My Cause was developed. This innovative program offers the ability to support hunger relief organizations with each purchase of a reusable bag thus supporting the movement to end hunger and cutting down on the number of one-time use bags currently provided.

In 2014, Bags 4 My Cause partnered with Hannaford to introduce the “Every Bag Feeds Someone in Need” reusable bag program. Each of these specially designed Fight Hunger Bags sold at participating Hannaford stores resulted in a $.25 or 1+ meals donated to hunger relief organizations chosen each month. Since the inception of this innovative program, over 900,000 bags have been purchased resulting in over 800,000 meals served to those in need across New England and NY. On Jan. 1, 2018, the Fight Hunger bag began generating a $1 donation with each bag sold!

In 2015, Hannaford asked Bags 4 My Cause to expand the program to include a bag that would specifically support non-food charitable organizations. We rolled out the Community Bag which generates a $1 donation to a local non-profit cause in the areas of human services, education, health & wellness and civic organizations. In 2 years, over 375,000 bags were sold equaling over $375,000 in donations to the monthly chosen non-profits.

The Bags 4 My Cause program continues to grow. We are now active in over 12 different grocery store chains across the United States.