Company Overview

Bags 4 My Cause is not a reusable bag company, it is a reusable bag program

It’s a full-service, integrated and turn-key reusable bag program. Bags 4 My Cause is committed to empowering our retail partners to highlight their commitment to the communities they serve with a profitable and impactful reusable bag program. We work with all reusable bag suppliers, and all types of reusable bags selected by our retail partners.

Bags 4 My Cause introduced this program in 2014, and the results for our retail partners are proven. The positive impacts are presented in reusable bag category sales, operational cost reduction, marketing and community support for our retail partners.

Impact overview

  • Retailer realizes a significant increase in reusable bag sales annually.
  • Retailer partners increase local charitable giving by 10%+ annually at no cost.
  • Retailer partners benefit from “Free Media” seen across all media outlets, with 15%+ of social media posts initiated exclusively through the reusable bag program causes at no cost.
  • Retailer partners benefit from a sustained monthly campaign to the communities they serve featuring their support of local non-profits at no cost.

The Bags 4 My Cause reusable bag program is designed to support local non-profit causes, while simultaneously  significantly reducing the use of paper and plastic single-use bags, thus lowering the retail partner’s front-end costs. The impacts of this unique combination also highlight each retailer’s commitment to their Corporate Social Responsibility mission in support of the communities they serve.

It’s very simple – An everyday choice that offers significant outcomes. These bags really do have the ability to change the world.