Our Story

Every company has a story. Ours began with the passion and belief that a successful business can be created while also giving back to the communities we call home.

Not wanting to limit our dream to our own back yards, we knew our model had to cast a wider net, supporting as many non-profit causes as possible in as many communities as possible.

With this dream in mind, Purchasing 4 My Cause was soon developed, with a business model based on this founding principle:  Our everyday choices can change the world.

We began partnering with corporate clients to provide their gifts, gourmet food baskets, corporate gear and promotional items with one very distinct difference. Each purchase included a 15% donation component directed to a non-profit cause of the customer’s choice. This met our goal of supporting our communities while our client could proudly demonstrate their commitment to the non-profit causes that are important to them and their company’s Corporate Social Responsibility mission.

One such gift landed on the desk of a major supermarket retailer’s Executive Vice President, who reached out to us seeking a way to incorporate our model into their grocery chain. It was through this meeting that the idea of attaching a donation component to the in-store purchase of reusable bags was conceived.

Fast forward to today – In under 5 years over 1,400,000 reusable bags have been profitably sold through the Bags 4 My Cause program, cutting down on single-use bags and generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations to non-profit causes in the communities each retailer serves.

For more information on the Bags 4 My Cause story, take a look at this quick slide deck.