Environmental Impact

With the environmental impact of paper and plastic bags reaching dangerous proportions, eliminating single-use bags is a top concern.

Plastic one-time use bags remain in landfills, rivers, oceans and across public lands for an infinite amount of years, contributing to the global plastic waste problem. The need to eliminate their use is immediate and promoting the use of a reusable bag is an easy and obvious choice in working towards this goal.

The Bags 4 My Cause Program directly impacts these efforts by driving sales of the specially purposed reusable bag and guiding the customer’s attention away from using the damaging single-use bags. And the power of this reusable bag is clear. Each time a customer reuses their bag, an average of 4 or more one-time use bags are not being used!

When customers learn that by choosing the Bags 4 My Cause reusable bags they are supporting the environment and area non-profits, it becomes an easy decision to choose these bags over other alternatives.