Community Impact & Voice

The impact of the Bags 4 My Cause Program is felt every month throughout New England, New York and the Midwest both in terms of monetary support to non-profits as well as the positive environmental benefit of choosing reusable bags versus single-use bags.

The Bags 4 My Cause Program has touched the lives of over 20,000 non-profit causes. The benefiting non-profits incur no costs and are empowered with the ability to drive bag sales using the provided Marketing Toolkit which, in turn, increases their donation amount. A simple effort by all involved that allows the retail partners to highlight their commitment to the community with the sale of each reusable bag.

With non-profits ranging from soup kitchens and homeless shelters to school PTAs and libraries, the landscape of the program is exceptionally diverse and provides an easy opportunity for communities to support their favorite non-profits – just by purchasing our program bag.

We are fortunate to hear from many of the non-profits through testimonials, feedback and shared news and photos with praise for the ease of the program and the positive impact it had on their organization. Take a minute to review the Community Testimonials and Pictures tabs and you will hear this powerful voice of impact by the Bags 4 My Cause Program.