Want to Connect with Supermarket Shoppers… Give a Reusable Bag “Personality”

Plastic shopping bag

Let’s face it: reusable bag sales have not been considered a big growth mover in supermarket sales. Eliminating single use plastic/paper bags in support of our shared environment through the purchase and reuse of a reusable bag is understood by the shoppers, that alone has not been a sufficient driver to move the sales needle for reusable bags.  This has resulted in towns and municipalities on both coasts beginning to seek legislation to ban/charge for single use paper/plastic bags at supermarkets. The supermarket is left with the dilemma of how to increase reusable bags sales to demonstrate their environmental commitment to a better planet and to get ahead of local ban/charge legislation. It is a conundrum that Bags 4 My Cause has answered!

Changing up the design of the reusable bag offering every quarter is the basic strategy many supermarkets utilize.  The new “look” will result in more sales is the applied theory. To the extent that it works, the results are all of those bags in the back of your car or in the hall closet. Environmentally this is a disaster, as they will all get tossed into a landfill at some point for 400 years of degrading. The solution is to get all shoppers to have 4-6 reusable bags in their car and to use them every time they shop. This in many ways is the “Holy Grail” for reusable bags and we believe that Bags 4 My Cause has the complete answer to implementing this with all of the supermarket partners.

The first step in this process is to incentivize someone to purchase the bag in support of their community and, by the way, the environment in their community. Supporting the work of local non-profits that make the communities shoppers call “home” a better place is the “Personality” that the bag will take on. With each use, the shopper is “flying their colors” of support for the community that all can see. We have not changed the design or our bags in 3 years and have more than 800,000 units sold of one bag and 400,000 of another in circulation. Design is not the driver…giving shoppers the opportunity to support their community is the “Personality” that they want to put out for all to see.

Take a minute to look through our website and see what is possible at your supermarket!