Supermarket Community Relations Efforts …SUPERSIZED!

Person handing fruit to another person

Having spent the last five years working with supermarkets and nonprofits, you realize the incredible work each does in the communities they serve. The more interesting point is that they do very little, or more correctly nothing together, except one is a giver (supermarket) and the other is the provider(non-profit) into the community. Additionally, all supermarkets struggle with the “blowing your own trumpet” syndrome when it comes to making the community aware of their support. The questions that come to mind are …

  • What would happen if the supermarket and local nonprofits worked together with each being givers and providers to each other?
  • What would it be like if the non-profit and the public at large were the ones trumpeting the impact that the supermarket was doing for the community with this new-found partnership?

We now know the answers to the above based on what has happened at Hannaford (Ahold-Delhaize subsidiary) over the last 4 years with their reusable bag program. It has SUPERSIZED Community Relations, Marketing, Local Community Impact and their Sustainability effort.

Provide the community-at-large with a reusable bag that supports some larger initiative has been done around to country in support of large organizations like Feeding America and Breast Cancer. No question that these are admirable funding efforts. We looked at it differently.  Bags 4 My Cause wanted to provide an ongoing 12-month program where each supermarket in the chain would select monthly a local non-profit and emergency food organization that was local to each store. The local non-profits and emergency food organizations selected by each store’s leadership team each month. Where the “magic” happens….  A call to action directed at the non-profits and emergency food organizations to reach out their supporters to send them to the store as each bag purchased benefited them with a donation.

Results are SUPERSIZED!  Over 1.3 Million bags profitably sold and more than 15% of social media posts promoting Hannaford in 2016 was created by the benefiting non-profits and emergency food organizations – all trumpeting the incredible impact the program was having on their community. We encourage you to take a minute to visit our website and see what is possible at your supermarket chain!