Month: July 2017

Plastic shopping bag

Want to Connect with Supermarket Shoppers… Give a Reusable Bag “Personality”

Let’s face it: reusable bag sales have not been considered a big growth mover in supermarket sales. Eliminating single use plastic/paper bags in support of our shared environment through the purchase and reuse of a reusable bag is understood by the shoppers, that alone has not been a sufficient driver to move the sales needle for reusable bags.  This has resulted in towns and municipalities… Read more »

Person handing fruit to another person

Supermarket Community Relations Efforts …SUPERSIZED!

Having spent the last five years working with supermarkets and nonprofits, you realize the incredible work each does in the communities they serve. The more interesting point is that they do very little, or more correctly nothing together, except one is a giver (supermarket) and the other is the provider(non-profit) into the community. Additionally, all supermarkets struggle with the “blowing your own trumpet” syndrome when… Read more »